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Glue Stick Precision Tip - Blue

Glue Stick Precision Tip - Blue

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Introducing the Glue Stick Precision Tip by Krebsbachhuber Crafts!

PLEASE NOTE:  Because of the size of these tips, they must ship parcel rate.  Any orders placed for lettermail shipping will be invoiced for the difference in shipping costs (up to our Flat rate of $12).  Please reach out if you have any questions - thanks for your understanding.

This reusable cap fits on a standard 6g washable craft glue stick. The soft glue is squeezed and shaped through the tip to a fine point, perfect for all your precision gluing jobs. Perfect for: English Paper Piecing, Foundation Paper Piecing, binding, and curves.

When you're done, just pop the original cap right on the end for an airtight seal! Finished a glue stick and ready for a fresh one? Not a problem! Just pop the Glue Stick Precision Tip off the old stick and onto the new one!

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