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SewTites - 3 Pack Hand Mix

SewTites - 3 Pack Hand Mix

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The SewTites Hand Mix packs contain a combination of models for hand sewing, including EPP, wool applique, embroidery, and more – our Dots (in a new salmon color!), Minis, and Lite Bars.

The 3-pack is perfect a trial pack for those new to using SewTites.

SewTites Specs:

Dot - .67"" (17mm) diameter with one very strong large magnet on back
Lite Bar - 1.25"" x .5"" (32 x 12 mm) with two lighter strength magnets on back
Mini - 1.25"" x .5"" (32 x 12 mm) with two strong magnets on back

Made of: Plastic and Metal
Use: Magnetic Sewing pins
Included: 3 magnets per package

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